6G Mobile Technology: Native AI – call for papers

The mobile communication system has transformed to be the fundamental infrastructure to support digital demands from all industry sectors, and 6G is envisioned to go far beyond the communication-only purpose. There is coming to a consensus that 6G will treat Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the essential technology cornerstone and has a potential to provide “intelligence inclusion”, which implies to be capable to access AI services at anytime and anywhere by anyone. The intelligent inclusion vision produces far-reaching influence on the corresponding network architecture design in 6G.

To develop new scopes of technology in this field of AI, a consortium is going to be formed, under the leading of a German company group. See more here:

Idea of project:
6G system should be capable of manage and operate communication as well as computing resource. Other than schedule traffic flows, 6G system could also orchestrate and schedule AI workflows. Hence, a true pervasive intelligence of the system upon the deep converged ICT system with diversified resource will become a native trait. The corresponding instruments (algorithms, neuronal networks, solvers, databases, APIs, etc.) will be integrated in the mobile communication system as part of the realization.
This project proposal aims to work on an end-to-end system architecture design scope for 6G with particular emphasis on how to provide native support on AI services that could be utilized not only by mobile communication system itself (which is so-called Network for AI, or Net4AI), and provision it as a new service to be utilized by the mobile communication system itself as well as the vertical industries (e.g. industry 4.0+, automotive, etc.) (which is so-called AI for Network, or AI4NET).

The application (not much) should be done till beginning of Dec. Expression of interest before Dec. 3rd. The partnering company should explain its technical or scientific expertise and „research on AI“ to this date.

Would you like to join? For this, a call would be perfect. 15-20 min. Please, see also here: https://calendly.com/info-5920/

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