The rise of digital health care – VC Firms Made The Most Investments In Healthcare 2018

Digital health solutions and health information technology are systematically transforming the way health care is delivered in the 21st century.

Telemedicine and digital diagnostics solutions such as Kry, HealthTap, Ada or Gyant enable patients to receive remote and fast diagnostics in a more convenient way, electronic health records such as HealthVault, HealthSpek, the TK App or Vivy and enable users to manage their health data and innovative smartphone applications provide patients with effective treatment, prevention or disease management solutions for conditions ranging from diabetes to depression. (Source)

So, it’s no surprise that 2018 has been a record year for venture capital investing in healthcare. With $28.8 billion raised through the end of November (and big deals like the $400 million Series C raised by Relay Therapeutics last week) startups in the sector have raised more money this year than any year before in the last 10 years that VC funding database Pitchbook has tracked investments in the space. (Source)

Here’s the list, and some notable deals that each participated in:

1. Alexandria Venture Investments

2. New Enterprise Associates

3. Keiretsu Forum

4. OrbiMed

5. ARCH Venture Partners

6. SV Health Investors

7. Connecticut Innovations

8. Keiretsu Capital

9. 5AM Ventures

10. Plug And Play Tech Center

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