Tech Trends in 2019: Blochckain up, Apps down

Coming up in 2019: Tech Topics good to have in mind or focus in 2019 by @bimpress1:

Image credit: Photo by NASA on Unsplash_nasa-53884-unsplash

• The blockchain technology:

It will find its way into all industries as part of the digitization wave. Their applications range from the automotive supply chain to cleantech to finance. More about the current „Call for Papers“ here.

And now also in the healthcare sector. The best example came in December from BM Jens Spahn.

• The service robots are coming.

The robots come in the care, as bring-and-bring robots and assistance systems in the OR, as well as in the hotel industry: “Why service robots booming worldwide”.

A science fiction-like example of such a robot can now be found in Munich, our customer’s product “Jeeves”.

• In the healthcare sector, nothing will happen soon without an app.

Whether for personal fitness, for the back training at the Thearpeuten or the emergency doctor. Here is a current overview of „Medicin-Apps„.

• Generation Y, Z – who or where?

The shortage of skilled workers is increasingly noticeable everywhere. Anyone who has applicants or finds employees, has not yet cracked or makes `right.
But companies have to be more and more attuned to it. Who is the „Generation Y“ or what follows as „Gen Z“ and what they are called?

• Sustainability means entrepreneurial responsibility or CSR.What was previously well-known to idealists is becoming a trend. The „honorable businessman“ (CSR) comes again. Family and owner-led companies have long recognized that it is good to look after their employees. As give and take, both benefit from it.

Whether as a textile company with contract cutting in Asia or energy and raw material-consuming company, as an OEM supplier or as a large company from 500 MAs and more. Sustainability in the sense of EMAS, CSR or commitment to non-financial reporting affects more and more companies. More on

All the best to you, stay v. A. healthy, with the right nutrition and exercise. 😉 And a good news!

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