MedTech matchmaking in eHealth – current projects #2205

Our concurrent projects:

As me and my team are consultants in eHealth with own products or MVP, we’re active and got partners from EU countries for co-work or funding within these sectors, e.g.:

– regarding #AI, Biomarkers, Post-COVID-regocgnition: see “Pandemic Prepardness”, just recently.

– regarding Telemedicine: Help-Doctor, see pitch deck on

– regarding #AI: AI for Small- & Medium-sized Business in Healthcare/Medtech, including for image recognition for post-COVID e.a. and disease detection from patient data. See AI4SMB in ppt with references on

– We‘ re well connected in DACH/Germany for healthcare and to clinics, as well.

See also our startups we’re founding or mentoring: our mentees and startups.

Current „search profiles“ / subjects of research:
– Manufacturing of mobiles devices / wearables in serial production

– Wearables as medical application (patient monitoring such as blood values, pulse, breath) and in care (see AAL), active implanted medical devices (see Cybersecurity)

– Biotech / ingredients / biomarkes based biotech related consortia

– Business contacts reg. recommendations and fundings

How about a chat? Appointment? Please, book here: TKS.

Best regards,
Robert Brunner

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