Market Survey ChatBots & RPA – Call for Papers – Take Part!

Call for participation on market survey about ChatBots & RPA – it’s free.
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Market Survey ChatBots & RPA

Reg. a market survey about ChatBots / Robotic Process Automation in customer fields we’ld be happy to introduce your service and asking to give us a feedback to cover your solution within an editorial publication of IT press.

Here’re some preliminary questions:

  • Your ChatBot/RPA product / service is in use for customer interaction (HMI) like a website for internal or external communication?
  • Your services belonging are active in the German/DACH region or in the near future?
  • Could you name us some (branded) customers as well?
  • How many customers are using your existing ChatBot/RPA product / services? (If big corporates, a smaller number is applicable as well.)
  • It’s a stand-alone system or part of a DMS or other software suits? Which? Of your own or with partners?
  • It’s offering APIs to other modules of your suit or partners’ solutions or frameworks? Which?
  • Your ChatBot/RPA solution offers APIs or is based on open source software? Which?
  • Does it use your own library or of partners like IBM, Oracle, other? Which?
  • Because of APIs, framework, modules e.a., it’s easy to configure / install by IT experts or customers / user oriented managers?
  • For Data security does it includes an anonymization tool that eliminates client names and other private details using AI and semantic search?
  • Which are common use cases? E.g., Product request by clients / users or internal employer search, leave management, time sheets, payroll, travel & expenses, procurement / second source?
  • Does it include an assistant or avatar?
  • Does it allow to step in if a human assistant or operator is necessary? Or/and alert an operator by itself?
  • Are the interactions of a recognized client / user transferred or archived (in result or date of interaction, e.g.) in other systems like CRM?
  • Reg. your RPA services, have you changed or will them change the revenue structures, because of new types of customer loyalty and added value in your (smart) products and services?
  • For the business model(s) of your services do there arise new possibilities and maybe change the existing ones or creating new opportunities?
  • Would you say, by ChatBot/RPA services there are new forms of cooperation possible and/or necessary (for example, platforms and ecosystems)?
  • Your expected market potential by the way of RPA to your company? Market volume or description.
  • Your comment, USP, e.g., … , please?

We’ld be happy and looking forward, receiving your response for editorial cases – in short sentences possible – before Feb. 21st, with the option of asking you again after this date, would be nice. TKS for your response and looking forward getting in touch with you soon. (For German, answers in German are welcomed, too, not necessarily in English. TKS.)

TKS, looking forward hearing you again.

Best wishes,
Martina Kapp

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