How Businesses Can Reopen After Corona – Temperature measurement with AI

Communities and businesses are hard at work developing policies to reopen in a responsible and safe manner. A crucial part of reopening is screening for elevated temperature at building entrances. But how do you accurately screen for temperature in a contactless way without putting employees in harm’s way or taking them away from their usual duties?

Why do temperature screening cameras need AI? Thermal cameras have become an integral part of businesses and organizations after COVID-19 began. There are three major areas where AI plays an essential role in thermal camera-based temperature screeners.

The idea is now that these cameras can identify people with elevated body temperature. But by now, most customers are aware that thermal cameras by themselves are not enough for fever detection. Temperature screening cameras now have an AI component that helps them serve their unique purpose.
The algorithm augments the hardware features to make the readings more accurate and relevant to the current requirements.

See here a recently developed solution to automatically track the most accurate point on the human face, thereby enabling frictionless temperature readings.

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