Dev-Resources For You After Corona

Even in the current time, the economy and the web are not at rest. Or, hope not with you either. 😉
For the “restart” of the economy, you want to be prepared yourself like customers.
Could we support you in this? Here is a selection of IT skills from my network – free partners and Dev-suppliers that we’ve checked. See attached:

Sorted by Technologies and Abilities:
1) Frontend
*  Excellent knowledge of JavaScript. Mainly worked with React framework
*  Excellent knowledge of JavaScript and it’s frameworks
*  Angular and VueJS
*  Knowledge of ReactJS framework
*  Knowledge of HTML/CSS

2) Backend
*  Expert in working with JavaScript’s frameworks VueJS ,
*  Expert level of knowledge in PHP’s frameworks
*  Advanced knowledge of Python/Tornado
*  Creating mobile apps with Ionic
*  Experienced with Javascript framework NodeJS
*  Fluent with C#, worked with LINQ
*  Interested in AI and Python programming language
*  Knowledge of .NET framework
*  Proficient with Java programming language
*  Proficient with jQuery, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap and Foundation
*  Proficient with PHP’s framework Laravel
*  Proficient with SQL and NoSQL solutions
*  React and Angular 1, 2+
*  Symfony, Laravel, Zend
*  Worked with Java
*  Worked with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Microsoft SQL Server
*  Working experience as a DevOps, handling large-scale AWS
*  Writing Python scripts

3) Other
*  Great experience in Agile and Scrum environments.
*  Team player with great experience as a member of large teams
*  Worked in Agile environments
*  Working in intercontinental remote teams
*  Team player with great experience as a member of large teams

References for web projects in Germany / EU and California are available on request.

Feel free to call and write me what you need, or we can phone / skype / zoom, too.

Best regards,
Robert Brunner

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