Current coop chances in eHealth & MedTech for H2020 (Update)

See here our current offerings to co-operate in eHealth and MedTech for Horizon220-projects.

We’re looking for partners and existing consortia to join and co-work.
Mostly we work as buzzdev consultants and as coordinator of the consortium, but we would be the “leader” to the EU stakeholders. We co-work with universities and corporates of all size. We’re also able to provide like a software boutique.

May I send you a brief overview of our skills and projects.

a) eHealth & DiGAs

Within healthcare, telemedicine and smart apps are increasing, a German unicum are Digital Health Application, the so called DiGA and DiPA, as a digital medical device, at the forefront of the EU. We’re accompany app-projects through this process of acceptance, and could help you or your clients on the certification process, too.

See also our
Help-Doctor – telemedicine for clinics and medical offices, 24h at your disposal, app

Help-Doctor is offering 24-hour access to specialists – doctors and nurses – as 24-hour access to healthcare & patient and waiting room management of doctors‘ practices for clinics & doctors‘ offices, also Smartphone-App or PC, incl. e.g. for elderly people in AAL or people living on rural counties.
OnePager Help-Doctor

b) “Parkinson App” & wearable:

Telemed for Parkinson Patients, monitoring in aftercare and chronical treatment supervision, in combination with a wearable and an app.
A unique multimodal approach and optimized ergonomics.

Our main product called “Parkinson App”, it’s a combination of an app with an physical CE Certified Medical Device that enhances the autonomy of Parkinson’s disease patients and improves communication with healthcare professionals through continuous and objective digital monitoring of patients‘ symptoms in real life. This Application can be used on smartphones (Apple or Android) and/or smartwatches (Android) (more than 1200 users). #app

Beyond the patient’s use of the “Parkinson App” application, we aim to bring to the market a remote telemonitoring intervention called “Parkinson App” rel. wearable (Cert. MDA), which has already been presented to the authorities.

The remote telemonitoring intervention allows remote monitoring of Parkinson’s biomarker dashboards and a call management center to regulate and direct patient alerts to the „appropriate“ healthcare professional (nurse, physician assistant, neurologist, general practitioner, psychiatrist, nutritionist, physiotherapist, etc.) to improve patient care between scheduled consultations.

We are in the phase of submitting our clinical trial to reinforce the evidence of clinical & medico-economic benefit of  “Parkinson App” rel. wearable to obtain the reimbursement by our Authorities.

c) AI for many industries and SMBs

About: AI4SMB – AI for SMBs, our consortium in a nut shell:

With our AI consortium we’re focusing on predictive maintenance and factory planning within the industry, and in healthcare about data management and predictive analytics.

Ethics in AI is a must to us, as we’re also with the GAIA-X team in Germany.

AI4SMB is a high-tech software development lab delivering AI applications and results to Small & Medium-sizes Businesses (SMB) and innovative enterprises worldwide. 
AI4SMB is an EU-based IT-developer consortium and sw development shop.
AI4SMB‘s customers value is its deep expertise, innovative yet pragmatic approach, and our reliability.
With a solid background in AI research since years, and long-term technology partner for startups and innovative enterprises in the US and across the EU.
See ppt #AI4SMB:

About our Pandemic consortium, by AI4SMB:
Our consortium includes partners from clinics to research from Belgium, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain. AI4SMB offers a proprietary advanced analytics technology, designed to boost any Advanced Analytics endeavours, enabling the transition to a data driven healthcare model. It provides AI for data and the best practices in Data Science, incl. Healthcare & Pharma applications.
See also

d) Collaborative robotics at the service of people. #Reha #Physio #Robotics

A solution that is born from the hands of a physiotherapist and uses robotic technology for the treatment of musculoskeletal pathologiesand Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).
The collaborative robot (100% safe) is a robotic system in MedTech that performs pressure of between 4 to 8 bars, which produces the desired effects on the patient’s back.
The techniques are used by physical therapists for connective tissue, such as myofascial trigger point treatment, while also increasing the subdermal blood flow and oxygenation of the area. Massage performed by the system is at least as efficient as the manual massage therapy, while demonstrating more efficiency in the treatment of specific patients, such as those with excessive weight.
It breaks into the market to cover, in the hand of the physiotherapist, the largest number of patients.

e) Serious Gaming for Health

We were also talking about gaming for elderly people, AAL etc.

Just now, incl. next month we’re looking for partners in Horizon calls of the EU related to “gaming” in Health fields, like AAL, gaming and mobilization of elderly people etc. to build a consortium and to apply for this call.
See also our services in DMD (Digital Medical Device, German #DiGA) of certification here.

Next talk, how about next week (without next Thur. fits to me).

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