B’IMPRESS leads EU consortium on pandemic early detection

An early warning system for pandemics is lacking in the EU. That is why we have co-founded a consortium dedicated to this.

What we do:

Researchers develop biomarkers as laboratory tests for early detection, Data Scientists find relevant data from pre-hospital and hospital settings to identify prognosis and early warning factors with A.I./AI.

What we can do:

  • Biomarkers: identification/development and analysis
  • Regulation (MDR, MPDG)
  • AI: see www.AI4SMB.de, also in healthcare
  • eHealth: telemedicine, DIGAs, CIM & CISystems
  • eLearning: content, blended courses, esp. for clinicians

See more this EU-wide project https://health.ec.europa.eu/latest-updates/first-meeting-hera-civil-society-forum-2022-06-29_en und https://ec.europa.eu/info/funding-tenders/opportunities/portal/screen/opportunities/topic-details/horizon-hlth-2022-disease-07-02 and via www.AI4SMB.de.

Team meeting in July 2022

B’IMPRESS with AI4SMB leads this EU consortium on pandemic early detection as business leader, which includes partners from clinics to research from Belgium, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain.

AI4SMB offers a proprietary advanced analytics technology, designed to boost any Advanced Analytics endeavour, enabling the transition to a data driven healthcare model. It provides AI for data and the best practices in Data Science, incl. Healthcare & Pharma applications.
Further ongoing projects: https://blog.bimpress.de/medtech-matchmaking-in-ehealth-current-projects-2205/ as well as https://www.consilium.europa.eu/en/policies/coronavirus/pandemic-treaty/.

Current press release in Biotech: https://blog.bimpress.de/roche-fhx2019-preistraeger-erhaelt-silliconvalley-finanzierung/

Are you looking for funding via EU-Horizon20202-successors or VC?
Or should we meet next week via zoom maybe next week? Appointment? Please, book here: https://calendly.com/info-5920/. TKS.

This Blog post in DE: https://blog.bimpress.de/bimpress-leitet-eu-konsortium-zur-pandemie-frueherkennung/

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